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Hartwood Pet Lodge is a quiet and loving place for dogs to stay while they search for their Forever Families.

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A True Story

Children's Book - The Adventures of Hot Cocoa and Salt Water Taffy. Author - Marla Beagle


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A True Heart-Warming Story. Almost 500 copies sold!

At the end of each month, Hartwood Pet Lodge donates $10.00 of each book sold in the month to a non-profit animal rescue organization.


JULY 2017 DONATION - $668.00  

AUGUST 2017 DONATION -  $900.00    


OCTOBER 2017 DONATION - $500.00

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The Adventures of Hot Cocoa and Salt Water Taffy

Two miniature poodles with no place to call home, they become forever friends as they travel by train, plane and poodle taxi across the county, with their final stop in Fredericksburg, Virginia.   

Find out where Cocoa and Taffy end up finding their forever families!

The Author and Artist

Author MARLA BEAGLE and her husband, are dedicated to rescuing dogs like Salt Water Taffy and Hot Cocoa.  They work to transport, shelter and locate Forever Families for dogs in need at Hartwood Pet Lodge.  Over the years, they have shared their home in Hartwood, Virginia, with 13 standard poodles and an English Setter.  

Artist JOAN CRITZ LIMBRICK lives and works from her studio in the country near Fredericksburg, Virginia.    She is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, as well as a painter, potter, poet and an author of several children's books.      

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Age 7 - Thomas - It's a real-life story; it's a cute story; your poodles are very beautiful; I like the pictures.

 Age 8 - I like dogs because they are cute.  They seemed excited to jump on the train knowing it was going to get them closer to their new home.  The colored pictures brought the story to life.  I was happy at the end of the story because they were now forever friends and at their new homes.

Age 14 - In this story two dogs try to find their own forever homes.   It was hard for them to do it on their own, but once they found each other it was meant to be.  This story is really heartwarming to anyone.  I hope that you go and pick up this book because I know for sure that you and your family will love it.

Age 11 - I like dogs because Cocoa is so playful!  I felt excited when they found a forever home.

Age 12 - The book is about two dogs trying to find a forever home.  The book has a lot of excitement.  But the cool thing is that I have met one of the dogs, COCOA!  I hope you read the book soon.   

Joan Limbrick's Artwork

Cocoa's Sisters and Brother